Sunday, November 16, 2008

How time flies.........

 How time flies is so was just November 2 and here we are at November 16th, and I haven't accomplished anything yet this month.  I feel as though I am always busy.  But have nothing to show for it.  I guess it is just called busy work. LOL  I have been working on 2 quilts and I am almost done with the small angel quilt.  It is pretty cute. I hope to have it done by Wednesday so I can share it at a meeting.  LOL....................

Last week we went to a friends in northern CA........she had these persimmons and I just couldn't take to many pictures of them.  They were all lined up on a table and looked so loved the color. Well have a great start on your week.  Agnes

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Fall back time

Fall time and again it is "fall back time".  So now we will be getting up in the sunlight and driving home from work in the dark.  Never have been able to get use to this whole time change thing.  I think they should leave it on one thing and call it good.  It takes a week to get adjusted to the new time either way. 

 I love fall for all the beautiful colors, soft hues and shadows.  It doesn't last very long but it is surely my favorite time.  So I will just relax and enjoy the remainder of fall with glee.  :)

Fall gives  me more time to sew, I have been working on a quilt for  gift.  It has been a bit more challenging then I thought.  Hopefully the quilting will bring it all together.  There was a lot of flying geese and each border had something new on it.  It seemed difficult to make each border fit perfectly.   I will post a picture so you can see my progress.  Take care and have a great Monday......Agnes

Favorite day in October

In October we traditionally make a trek up to our local river to see the trees with their colorful leaves and to enjoy the slow moving waters of the river.  In the summer and spring the river is fast and furious.  Hubby took his fly pole and fished for a while.  He caught several fish, being the "Catch and Release" fisherman that he is, he returned each fish to their watery home, so another fisherman would have them to catch on their, fishing trip.  Annie (our dog) as has to lick the fish before fisher guy returns the fish to it's home.  Some how this lets Annie feel like she is part of the fishing.  Silly yes... We enjoyed the afternoon then drove to  a small town on the river for some lunch.  Thursday's special was "chili and corn bread",  it was real yummy. Followed with a few homemade cookies and some delightful conversation with the owner of the cafe.  As every other year it turned out to be another favorite day in October.   :) 


Wanted you to meet Annie

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Beautiful colors of fall