Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sewing and cooking are my favorite things

Goodmorning ladies ..... hope your having a beautiful October morning.  I know October means some cold weather just around the corner for some of you.  (I'm sorry about that) but in California we don't get much of that real cold weather.  Sometimes that is nice, it always looks so pretty where you in the east live with the snow and all.  But I am sure I would be really tired of it real soon.  Just think of all the  sewing and quilting time you have during those bad weather days.  :) I have few little items to post today,  I had made these little bags to put things in or use to give with a small soap in the bag, this past spring.   And a pic of the beginning of my taco's last night.  Nothing important, just fun stuff.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day two......

Well, we just returned from a morning walk and it wasn't as adventurous as yesterday.   A young black lab decided to join us in our walk yesterday and  we could not get him to go home where ever that he just kept following us home.  He had a tag and I called his owner.  Had a hard time getting an answer it kept throwing me into voice mail and voice mail would not let me leave a message.  So finally it said I could use a number page and I did and "it worked"....yeah.  So they picked him up in the evening after work.  They didn't know how he was getting out....he was really a beautiful dog.  We have a golden retriever named Annie and she was so happy to have "Yogi" (his name) to play with all afternoon.  But Yogi decided to eat a few things.........a basket we had on the patio for 3  years and the container that we kept  Annie's food in.  Oh well .....everything turned out for the best and Annie had a play day with Yogi.

Today is the first day in blogger world:)

Here it is fall time.  My most favorite time of the year.  Everything has this sort of golden hue, a sepia color.  Not sure about the sepia thing.  But I will go with it anyway. 

So a little about myself, sewing is my obsession.  I make quilts, aprons, bags, and just little giftie things to give to friends.  This is really a great time to sew, as you can make things for hostess gifts, and christmas gifts.

I also like to take pictures of what I am sewing and cooking.  Always taking pictures of food.  I guess because I love food. lol................Tonight I had a chocolate break down ........had to dive into the Halloween candy to cure my attack......:|  Well it is really late here and I need to get some sleep.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my stuff.  Have a great day tomorrow.......agnes


Wanted you to meet Annie

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
Beautiful colors of fall